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A Plugin is a piece of software that adds new capabilities to browsers by working as add-on software. Each Plugin is designed to cater to the different needs of a business. You can use Plugins to solve multifaceted problems, target specialized niches, or provide solutions for specific users.

AJ WebCom Solutions specializes in developing a suite of plugins that cater to the bespoke needs of each business.

We offer complete WordPress Customization services.

Customized WordPress themes

We assist clients with customizing generic WordPress themes according to their requirements. The WordPress themes are indeed excellent

Customized Plugin Development

Integrate valuable plugins to your website and leverage added functionality with our customized plugins designed, keeping your business goals in mind. We brainstorm ideas and implement a strategy with the utmost liberty to design specialized plugins.

Plug-ins that offer tremendous functionality and results for businesses of all sizes.

You will find our plugins are

Optimized for SEO

Coordinated and easy to use

Executed excellently

Highly Compatible



Have a look at our approach to Plugin Development.


Easily Adaptable

Using plugins, we choose to extend a website’s capabilities beyond the static material presented on a page. Whether it’s as basic as a contact form, a spam-blocker, a mini-game, or a featured-content slider, plugins are incredibly powerful tools for adding value to a website and connecting front-end to back-end, and we at Aj, turn every table to meet your Plugin development expectations.



When WordPress is configured properly, a WordPress site can scale almost indefinitely. An optimally designed page can generate millions of views if it is displayed with the correct theme and plugins. With our plugins, you will be able to reach millions of users on the internet without obstructing the reach of your website.



There is no doubt that ready-made plugins are easier to integrate. The problem is, they’re always a threat to your company. With plugins downloaded and used by millions of people without any modification, there is always a security breach. We design and develop Plugins that are generated specifically for your website. This protects your business with the highest levels of security.


Dedicated Versatility

It is not always clear what a download plugin does, and modifying it might create unintended consequences. Unlike altering or breaking a pre-existing plugin, a bespoke plugin performs exactly what you want, precisely when you want it. We, therefore, create custom plugins instead of modifying already-existing ones to suit several different commercial purposes.


Support and Maintenance

We extend support and maintenance to our clients in case of glitches or bugs. This ensures the functionality of the plugins remains intact and does not become a roadblock in website management.

Highlights of our WordPress plugin development services


Extensive knowledge and experience

Combining our extensive knowledge of information and developing skills, we provide clean and unique WordPress Plugin development. We guarantee that these designs are unique, pixel-perfect, and built from the ground up.


Affordable WordPress Plugin developers

Since we acknowledge clients’ hard-earned money, we provide cost-effective WordPress Plugin development services to help you get the most from your budget.


Secure processes

We take security seriously since the WordPress platform is renowned for its sensitivity. We strive to develop the highest-quality plugins that render any attempt at code-breaking pointless.

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