WordPress Customization (Themes & Plugins)

WordPress Customization (Themes & Plugins)

WordPress Customization

AJ WebCom is one of the leading WordPress customization companies in Surat, Gujarat. We offer robust and functional WordPress customization services for businesses across various industries. Having worked on multiple projects over the years, we have a portfolio backed by extensive experience. WordPress themes and plugins are essential features that increase the functionality of a website. We are here to help you with premium customized WordPress themes and plugins to ensure your business reaches unseen success.

We offer complete WordPress Customization services.

Customized WordPress themes

We assist clients with customizing generic WordPress themes according to their requirements. The WordPress themes are indeed excellent

Customized Plugin Development

Integrate valuable plugins to your website and leverage added functionality with our customized plugins designed, keeping your business goals in mind. We brainstorm ideas and implement a strategy with the utmost liberty to design specialized plugins.

Have a look at our approach to Plugin Development.


Responsive Design

We strive to make websites and themes that are responsive. Today, businesses are noticing significant traffic through mobile devices. To ensure your business does not fail with the first mobile impression, we follow the mobile-first approach for a consistent unparalleled user experience.


Built-in SEO

We take care of SEO by backing WordPress themes with an optimization that attracts web traffic and increases visibility. Our SEO-friendly coding aligns with the growth and visibility of your website. Every addition and feature is added with the intent to optimize search engine visibility.



The WordPress plugins that we modify provide users with an improved user experience. This results in a faster-loading website, which simultaneously improves the SEO as well. We understand a fast-loading website increases the number of prospective visitors. Hence, we take every measure to code a website that is speedy.


Easy-to-use plugins​

AJ WebCom’s customized plugins are distinguished by their straightforward design and easy functionality. We are able to achieve this by using very simple yet reliable techniques, which saves time and eliminates the need for additional formatting.


Constant Support​

Our team offers immediate assistance, regardless of your demographics, to ensure that your website does not take a pause in bringing success. We understand that there can be minor glitches and updates, which can be tricky to handle. Hence, we provide constant website support and assistance.


Codes for Security ​

You can trust our customized plugins to keep your website safe. Security is guaranteed at all times by making every effort. Our plugins are customized to prevent malware and spam attacks, ensuring your database’s safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Want to customize your WordPress website?

AJ is here to keep business in sync with the website.

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